Where does phenakite come from?

Ilene Wyman asked a question: Where does phenakite come from?
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Phenakite is found in high-temperature pegmatite veins and in mica-schists associated with quartz, chrysoberyl, apatite and topaz. It has long been known from the emerald and chrysoberyl mine on the Takovaya stream, near Yekaterinburg in the Urals of Russia, where large crystals occur in mica-schist.

  • The type locality of Phenakite, where this mineral was first described, is Malyshevo, near Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya Oblast, in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Lustrous, gemmy, prismatic crystals that are twinned are mined in Mogok and Mongmit, Burma (Myanmar).

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