Where does the crystallization of obsidian take place?

Franco Romaguera asked a question: Where does the crystallization of obsidian take place?
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  • With the passage of time, some obsidian begins to crystallize. This process does not happen at a uniform rate throughout the rock. Instead it begins at various locations within the rock. At these locations, the crystallization process forms radial clusters of white or gray cristobalite crystals within the obsidian.


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✨ Where does intrusive formation of obsidian take place?

  • Intrusive formation of obsidian may occur when felsic lava cools along the edges of a dike. Tektites were once thought by many to be obsidian produced by lunar volcanic eruptions, though few scientists now adhere to this hypothesis.

✨ Where does the saussurite form in magmatic crystallization?

  • Residual fluids present during the late stages of magmatic crystallization can react with previously formed plagioclase feldspar to form saussurite; the saussurite will be spread through the plagioclase or located near its outer margin.

✨ How does borax crystallization work?

Crystals can form when a supersaturated liquid that contains a dissolved mineral cools. In this activity, a supersaturated solution was made using hot water and borax (a soft crystal)… As the solution cools, the water molecules come closer together again causing the forming borax crystals to cling to the pipe cleaner.

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  • In the course of time, we have hunted for deposits of rainbow obsidian high in the mountains and found blue, black, grey, red and chocolate-colored obsidian in the cool oak and pine forests less than an hour’s drive from Guadalajara.
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  • Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. Obsidian is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth. It is commonly found within the margins of rhyolitic lava flows known as obsidian flows.
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Where does obsidian come from in the world?
  • Obsidian is a naturally-occurring volcanic glass, produced when volcanic lava cools rapidly. Showcasing complex natural hues of brown, a single piece of mahogany obsidian gleams from this Peruvian pendant.
Where does the name obsidian crystal come from?
  • The Obsidian crystal stone meaning can be traced back to Paleolithic times where it was used to make arrowheads and other tools. Cherished for its deep, glossy sheen, Obsidian is often called volcanic glass because it is formed from molten lava that has cooled very quickly.
Where does the obsidian we find come from?
  • Obsidian is formed when flowing water hits a lava source block , and can be found naturally where water from a spring or lake has flowed over a nearby lava pool.
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