Where is the best place to find apatite?

Lou Prohaska asked a question: Where is the best place to find apatite?
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  • An abundant mineral found in many countries, gem-quality Apatite is very rare and plagued by sporadic production. Indigo Apatite and Madagascan Blue Apatite comes from deposits outside Fort Dauphin in Madagascar’s southern Tuléar Province that were discovered in 1995.

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Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals found in abundance in nature, in the human body in the form of tooth enamel and bone mineral, and even in Moon rocks brought back to Earth by Apollo astronauts. As the world’s most common source of phosphorous, some forms of apatite are used in the manufacture of fertilizers, acids and chemical products.

Actually, in recent versions of Forestry, Apatite starts spawning on level 50, so you can find it all over the place if you're lucky now. Maybe you've somehow disabled Apatite spawns in the configs? Just seems weird that you wouldn't find any in an entire biome...

Apatite is the most common phosphate mineral, and is the main source of the phosphorus required by plants. The bones and teeth of most animals, including humans, are composed of calcium phosphate, which is the same material as Apatite. (These biological Apatites are almost exclusively the Hydroxylapatite type.) Chemical Formula.

14.7 x 11.7mm Oval Facet Yellow Apatite from Madagascar, Weight of 7.06ct, Natural Untreated gemstone in VS Clarity, 1pc Apatite - the Color is Brownish Yellow, Mohs Hardness of 5 - 5. $37432. 14.7 x 11.7 mm. Item in Stock. Add to Cart.

The best place to go rockhounding in Fresno County is the Clark Valley area, where large crystals of apatite, andalusite, and epidote have historically been found. In creek beds in the western portion of the county, you can find specimens of jasper, petrified wood, and even fossilized coral.

Apatite Ore is an ore added by the Forestry mod. It is based on a phosphate mineral and is primarily used to create Fertilizer . Apatite Ore only generates on layers 64 and above and is therefore most commonly found in mountainous biomes, hills and exposed cliffsides.

Apatite is found in India, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, and all over North America, and is currently mined mainly for its scientific properties rather than its crystological ones. Blue apatite in specific is generally used ground up to create a pigment, but it is far more valuable to the metaphysical world when it is used in whole pieces!

Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals, usually referring to hydroxyapatite, fluorapatite and chlorapatite, with high concentrations of OH −, F − and Cl − ions, respectively, in the crystal.The formula of the admixture of the three most common endmembers is written as Ca 10 (PO 4) 6 (OH,F,Cl) 2, and the crystal unit cell formulae of the individual minerals are written as Ca 10 (PO 4) 6 ...

Apatite Properties Apatite is a calcium phosphate and quite a rare tourmaline variety. It comes in many colors and forms, and it’s often confused with many other minerals, such as Aquamarine and Fluorite.It can be opaque, translucent, or transparent. Its colors ...

Blue Apatite Meanings, Zodiacs, Planets, Elements, Colors, Chakras, and more. Science & Origin of ApatiteApatite is a calcium phosphate mineral found in a variety of colors such as yellow, blue, green, gray, and brown. The most important colors for metaphysical use are blue, green, and gold. Apatite was first discovered in 1786 by A.G. Werner ,but it’s name came from the Greek word meaning ...

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