Where to see larimar stone in dominican republic?

Waldo Senger asked a question: Where to see larimar stone in dominican republic?
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  • The tours will give you a closer look at narrow mine shafts leading into the volcanic chimneys that would have once erupted lava and steam, which combined to craft this beautiful stone. To learn even more, you can visit the Larimar Museum in Santo Domingo.

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Larimar Mine, Dominican Republic Explore the world’s only larimar mine and discover the extraction process of this semiprecious gemstone The Mina de Larimar (Larimar Mine), popularly known as “Los Chupaderos”, is named after the town where the blue pectolite mine is located, approximately 10 kilometres away from Barahona city, in Enriquillo’s region.

Larimar mines. In the heart of Bahoruco’s mountains, these mines are the only place in the world where larimar is found–a semi-precious, turquoise-colored stone you will see set in jewelry across Dominican stores. Workers spend eight to nine hours a day underground, mining this rare blue stone from holes that run as deep as 40 meters (150 ...

We wholesale Larimar, the blue volcanic gem of the Caribbean island La Hispaniola (Dominican Republic / Haiti), also called “The Atlantis Stone” ( Piedra de Atlantida ). Larimar is a unique stone in the world, and we have it here in this beautiful province of Barahona, due to this particularity, its mine has been declared by UNESCO as ...

Larimar is most often sold in souvenir shops but you can also buy Larimar from the Dominican Republic directly on our website by contacting us or at our showroom near Los Patos. At Dominican-Larimar.com, we sell Larimar in retail and wholesale in all types; bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings or raw for collectors , in blades or cabochons for jewelers .

The Dominican Republic is full of treasures, and one of our most beloved is Larimar. Also known as “Stefilia’s Stone,” Larimar is a rare blue variety of mineral pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. Its color varies from white, light blue, green-blue to deep blue. Copper is locked inside a crystal at the time of its formation ...

The Larimar stone is only found on a remote mountain in the southern part of the Dominican Republic. It’s been found nowhere else, making it both rare and special. History says that in 1916, a man found a blue stone and asked the Dominican Republic government for mining permission. He was denied.

This exclusive bracelet is treasured as a most original and memorable souvenir from Dominican Republic. The Round Stone size 25mm. You can order in different sizes. $ 289.00 USD. Add to cart MORE INFO. Cross larimar silver and leather Bracelet. This Lovely Bracelet handrafted with larimar and blue tinted authentic leather it is absolutely ...

Larimar is a rare stone of whimsical and ethereal beauty. Found only in 4.4 square miles of the Dominican Republic on the Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, it is a fairly new discovery found in only this one place in the entire world. Larimar embodies the energy of both the Fire and Water elements from which it was created.

Larimar jewelry is available in the Dominican Republic. Most of the jewelery produced links the larimar with silver, but often the higher quality stones are linked to gold. The quality of the stone is evaluated according to its coloration: the bluer the stone, the more precious the stone is considered.

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