Where to sell navajo jewelry?

Addison Russel asked a question: Where to sell navajo jewelry?
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  • Tourists favourite thing to buy was Navajo Jewelry such as Turquoise Rings, Squash Blossom Necklaces, and Navajo Bracelets. By the 1920's Navajo Jewelry was for sale in Indian Trading Posts, at the Grand Canyon and in Dry Good Stores from Arizona, New Mexico and beyond.

What is the history of Navajo jewelry?

  • Navajo Jewelry History - The first Navajo Jewelry was made by Atsidi Sani around 1865. Atsidi Sani was a Navajo Blacksmith who admired the Silver Trappings the Spaniards and their horses were adorned with when they came to this area in their quest for Gold and Silver.

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