Which colored diamonds are the rarest?

Kelvin Block asked a question: Which colored diamonds are the rarest?
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  • Which Diamonds are the Rarest? Red Diamonds. These are the rarest diamonds in the world… Blue Diamonds. Blue is the second rarest fancy color… Pink Diamonds. Pink diamonds have a very high demand which can only be compared to Yellow Fancy Diamonds… Orange Diamonds. Orange Diamonds are among the most beautiful fancy colored diamonds in the world… Green Diamonds…

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As deep a red as a ruby and glittering with the allure of pure carbon, red diamonds are the rarest and most valued of all diamonds, with a good, high-quality red diamond going for excellent prices, no matter where in the world it is on offer. This is because, much like the pink diamonds, red diamonds are pure uncontaminated carbon.

Which are the Rarest Diamond Colors? 1. Red Diamonds We will start this list with the rarest colored diamonds. Gemologists are still not sure what gives... 2. Pink Diamonds Pink diamonds obviously exhibit pink color. Just like in the case of red diamonds, gemologists are not... 3. Blue Diamonds

What Are the Most Popular Colors for Fancy Diamonds? Yellow Diamonds. The color of a yellow diamond can vary from dusky brown to an intense vibrant yellow. The most sought... Blue Diamonds. A blue diamond owes its color to boron impurities and its shade to either hydrogen or radiation exposure. Red ...

Which Diamonds are the Rarest? 1. Red Diamonds. These are the rarest diamonds in the world. Basically, pure red diamonds do not exist or rather have... 2. Blue Diamonds. Blue is the second rarest fancy color. The second position has always been a battle between blue and... 3. Pink Diamonds. Pink ...

what diamonds are the rarest diamond colors in the world? Pink Diamonds. Pink diamond shades are thought to be due to changes to the electron structure, called “plastic... Purple Diamonds. Pure purple is the second rarest color of diamond. While there are several theories on why some... Blue ...

In general pure purple diamonds are very rare, but since purple diamonds tend to have secondary hues and overtone colors, purple diamonds aren’t considered quite as rare as pink, blue, and red diamonds. In fact, many purple diamonds have a pinkish, blueish, grayish, and even red tone to them.

Colored natural diamonds such as red, green, blue pink and purple are so rare that many jewelers don't get the chance to see one of these diamonds throughout their entire lifetime. The rarest of all colored diamonds are red diamonds.

WHAT’S THE MOST RARE DIAMOND COLOR? Hands down, it’s RED!. Red diamonds are so rare in nature, finding any is difficult (in fact, at the time of this... Third; Pink. These diamond colors are real (found in the Earth like this). They are called “ fancy color diamonds ” or “... And they are very ...

Fancy colored diamonds are considered as precious and rarest in the world. These are less than 0.1% of all diamond mines in the world. Most rare diamonds can price up to millions of dollars. These are also called fancy colored diamonds.

Rarest Colors in the World Red Diamonds. Of the various different colors, Fancy Red Diamonds are by far the rarest. They are not often found, and... Blue Diamonds. There are a number of discrepancies whether Pink or Blue Diamonds are considered the second rarest, but... Pink Diamonds. With the ...

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