Which is the best color tanzanite or sapphire?

Kirstin Ledner asked a question: Which is the best color tanzanite or sapphire?
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  • People who have experience looking at gems and pay attention to color can often notice tanzanite in a display case of blue gems. Tanzanite and sapphire are the two favorite blue stones in the gem marketplace. Tanzanite is a gem that many people desire because of its unique beauty and characteristics.
  • Vivid blue is the best and most valuable tanzanite color. This is where sapphire reigns. Sapphire ranks 9 on the Mohs scale, and is the third most durable gemstone used in jewelry, after diamonds and moissanite. It is not easily damaged or scratched and is excellent for everyday wear.


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👉 Which is better tanzanite or sapphire?

Good to Know: From the durability point of view, sapphire is clearly the winner. Tanzanite, on the other hand, needs more care because it isn't as tough and also has the 'gemstone cleavage'… This gem is also extremely rare and found only in one place on earth – the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

👉 Which is the best color for tanzanite jewelry?

  • Tanzanite has had a rapid rise to prominence among jewelers and gem enthusiasts. Although naturally reddish brown, this transparent zoisite variety achieves a stable, beautiful blue to violet color with heat treatments. Start an IGS Membership today for full access to our price guide (updated monthly).

👉 Which sapphire what color gold?

I think rose gold and a blue sapphire would look good. So would yellow gold. It's a matter of preference (I prefer the yellow, but actually 14K, not 18K (18K is more greenish yellow, in my opinion, whereas 14K is a warmer color)). You should go to a jewelry store and look at items in different colors of gold, I think.

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Which is better for wedding rings, sapphire or tanzanite?

  • The sapphire is also exceptionally durable which further works in its favor and makes it a popular choice for wedding jewelry and engagement rings. Verdict: If you can’t afford sapphire jewelry and are looking for an equally beautiful alternative, then tanzanite will be a great choice.

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Is tanzanite more expensive than sapphire?

  • Tanzanite also competes with lab-created sapphires that are lower in price than natural sapphires. In that comparison, some buyers will select tanzanite because they would rather have a stone that was created by nature instead of one created in a lab.

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Is tanzanite more valuable than sapphire?

Sapphire – Value and Price. Although tanzanite is the rarer of the two, blue sapphire is more in demand. All else being equal, sapphire is considerably more expensive than tanzanite. It is also often considered a good investment gemstone, as the prices of colored gemstones increase due to demand.

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Is tanzanite or sapphire more expensive?

As this stone becomes more scarce, tanzanite’s status as an affordable alternative to sapphire may change. In the meantime, its relatively low cost offers an opportunity to savvy collectors. Whether you’re looking for sapphire or tanzanite, the live online Auction King offers a wide selection of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings at below-market prices every day.

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What's more expensive tanzanite or sapphire?

Although tanzanite is the rarer of the two, blue sapphire is more in demand. All else being equal, sapphire is considerably more expensive than tanzanite. It is also often considered a good investment gemstone, as the prices of colored gemstones increase due to demand.

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Which is the deep blue color of tanzanite?

  • As a rule, deeper colors are found in tanzanites weighing 5 carats or more. Stones over 50 carats are deep blue, and after the 100-carat mark the color shifts to a dark blue-black. Tanzanite of these large sizes and deep colors are extremely rare.

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Which is the most expensive color of tanzanite?

  • As with many gemstones, the darker and more vivid it’s color, the more valuable it is. Dark blue Tanzanite is currently among the most desired of stones and is, therefore, one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. So enchanted is anyone who sees this gemstone that it is often talked about with the same reverence as Diamonds.

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Which is the most popular color in tanzanite?

  • Tanzanite is a variety of zoisite, which is a member of the epidote group. Colors include blue, purple and green. The most highly coveted color is a deep blue which shows a purple shimmer.

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Which is the most valuable color of tanzanite?

  • When talking about Ruby, you hear descriptions like “pigeon’s blood red” to describe the deepest, most valuable colors and with Sapphire you hear “cornflower blue” to describe the finest Sapphire colors, generally from the ancient Kashmir deposit. Tanzanite is no different and color plays a large part in any grading exercise.

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What color is tanzanite?

Tanzanite's color can be a very bright, intense blue. In exceptional tanzanites, the color is an intense violetish blue with red flashes of pleochroic color coming from within the stone. Due to the gem's strong pleochroism, fashioned examples typically show a mix of both blue and violet colors in a wide range of tones.

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What is more expensive sapphire or tanzanite?

Sapphire generally is found to be more expensive than tanzanite. There can be up to a 50 percent difference in pricing.

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Is sapphire a birthstone color?

yes sapphireis a birthstone colour. sapphire is the birthstone for the month september.

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Was the necklace on titanic tanzanite or sapphire?

tanzanite duhhh

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What's the difference between tanzanite and blue sapphire?

  • When Tanzanite was first released, due to the cheaper pricing, it was used as a cheap alternative to Sapphire. This was before the popularity grew for this gemstone and the price did as well. One big difference between Sapphire and Tanzanite is that Sapphire is naturally blue.

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Which diamond color is best?

In general, the highest quality diamonds are totally colorless, whereas lower quality diamonds can often have a slight yellow tint. Diamond color is measured using Gemological Institute of America, or GIA color scale which goes from D (colorless) all the way to Z (light yellow or brown in color).

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Which tourmaline color is best?

Bright, pure tones of red, blue and green are generally the most valued, but the electric vivid green to blue shades of copper-bearing tourmaline are so exceptional that they are in a class by themselves.

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Does tanzanite change color in sunlight?

Most of the gemology texts either don’t mention sun fading at all or mention it only in regards to kunzite & topaz. All blue tanzanite is heated and the basic material zoisite heated to make several colors including tanzanite blue.

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Is tanzanite naturally blue in color?

  • Today, nearly all of the gems being sold as "tanzanite" have a blue color that has been produced or enhanced by heating. A small amount of tanzanite in the marketplace has a blue color that was produced naturally through the heat of metamorphism without any treatment by people.

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What color tanzanite is most valuable?

Tanzanite gems with a strong-to-vivid blue, purplish blue and violetish blue color are the most valuable.

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What is the rarest tanzanite color?

Pink Tanzanite (or Pink Zoisite, to give it its scientific name) is the rarest of all Tanzanites. It is very seldom mined or seen and fine pieces are hard to get. The cause of color in Pink Tanzanite is thought to be trace elements of Manganese as opposed to Vanadium which colors the blue variety of Zoisite.

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Which is the best brand of tanzanite jewelry?

  • The Regal Collection Tanzanite 14k White Gold Pendant ... Stella Grace 10k White Gold Tanzanite & Diamond ... Stella Grace Sterling Silver Tanzanite & 1/10 Carat ... Stella Grace Lab-Created Tanzanite and Lab-Created ... The Regal Collection Tanzanite and 1/8 Carat T.W. IGL ... Sterling Silver Tanzanite & Diamond Accent Filigree ...

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Which is the best cut for a tanzanite?

  • Unlike many other gemstones such as diamonds or emeralds there is no typical or ideal cut for a tanzanite. It is really up to the buyer. You can choose from the wide range of gemstone cuts available, such as princess, marquise, emerald, round, heart, radiant or pear.

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