Which is the best metal for stamping jewelry?

Maryam Bergstrom asked a question: Which is the best metal for stamping jewelry?
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  • Copper is a pure element that is often used in metal alloys. Its hardness allows for easy manipulation, making it a great metal for stamping jewelry. Copper is corrosion resistant, but a patina is formed with time. Ceramic jewelry is a man-made product and is relatively new in the jewelry arena.

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Copper - Copper is a very soft, inexpensive metal so it is the recommended choice for beginning stampers. It will take a clear stamp impression and it is easy to find in the market. Copper is prone to rapid tarnishing and the resale price points are low. However, it is a great element in mixed metal designs.

The most common metals used in jewelry are gold, silver, and platinum. There are also a lot of alternative metals for jewelry, such as ceramic, cobalt, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. Since we’ve already described gold and silver extensively in the last blog post, we’ll start with platinum here:

Steel Metal Stamping Tool Set,(1/8”) 3mm,Steel Number and Letter Punch Set,Alloy Steel Made HRC 58-62 for Jewelry Craft Stamping. Owden Professional 36Pcs. Steel metal number and letter punch set (1/8”) 3mm ,Uppercase, All Stamps are made of high quality alloy steel for strength and hardness , Hardness: Hrc 58-62.

Best Brand of Metal Stamps. 8. Best Brand of Metal Stamps. by Ally Ellis. (United States) I am just starting to venture into stamping and was wondering what brand of stamps would you recommend me purchasing? Ally Ellis. Just Being Ally. Shares.

Having the right metal-stamping tools makes all the difference when it comes to the quality of your results for a metal-stamping project. Like I said above, use a hard metal surface under your blanks when stamping on metal. Note that stamped metal will warp and cup up if you stamp on a wooden block or something else that’s too soft, instead of a steel block.

On sterling silver and copper, you can darken your stampwork beautifully by oxidizing the piece, then cleaning most of the oxidization off of everything but the letters or numbers. You can get a similar effect on most metals by using Gilders Paste to darken your stamping.

A soft, malleable metal in its pure state, silver is a greyish-white metal commonly used in jewelry. In fact, designers often combine silver with other metals to create a more durable alloy due to its pliability. A “925” stamp means a piece is “sterling silver” or 92.5% pure silver mixed with metals like copper.

Forged from a carbon steel that will withstand plenty of use, the Horusdy ABCD (about $16) is a good choice for those who regularly practice this craft. The stamps measure an 1/8 of an inch across and are suitable for marking soft metals, plastic, wood, and leather.

In most cases, the stamps can also be used on wood and leather in addition to soft metals. Simply line up the stamp you want and tap it with a hammer to imprint on your desired surface. Keep in mind many sets consider W and M, as well as 6 and 9, to be interchangeable.

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