Who are the experts in gold plating apple watch?

Ova Stoltenberg asked a question: Who are the experts in gold plating apple watch?
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  • Artisan Plating—the world’s experts in Apple Watch Plating, and the gold plating of rare and vintage items. Since 1973, Artisan Plating has specialized in custom gold plating, electroplating, and restoration of fine metal objects for clients and individuals working in vintage jewelry, goldsmithing, and professional trades.

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The Midas Touch Kickstarter project, started by chemist Eric Knoll, offers a step-by-step kit for applying a 24K gold plating to your Apple Watch. The kit starts at just under $100, and goes up to...

It should be noted that WatchPlate are experts in this field having years of combined experience in the art of gold plating which will make your cheapest Apple Watch look like a luxurious item on the block.

The gold plating on the inside of the link band started wearing off. Part of this was my fault as I made the big mistake of wearing the gold Watch on summer vacation, in a chlorinated pool, and within a few days I started noticing the gold plating wearing off inside of the band. And worse, my wrist started developing a really annoying rash.

Golden Dreams takes a different approach to offering gold Apple Watch units. For $3,550, the company will soon offer gold-plated Apple Watch models in 24 karat yellow gold, 18 karat rose gold, and ...

9to5Mac today published an unboxing and hands-on video featuring an Apple Watch with gold plating and a link bracelet costing far less than you might imagine.

This Apple Watch and Link Bracelet was beautifully plated with 18K gold and it looks stunning. I’m not even a fan of gold, but I can definitely appreciate the beauty here. This is just about as ...

The mainline stainless steel Apple Watch cases are made from the most common watch alloy in existence, 316L. While Rolex will claim their use of 904L stainless is superior to 316, the reality is that the differences are irrelevant in everyday use. 316 alloy is strong, durable, plenty corrosion resistant, and polishes to a beautiful luster.

Watch Plate in California will plate any stainless steel model in 24 karat gold (pictured) or rose gold and copper for $399. Golden Dreams charges $4,200 but that includes the price of the watch.

Apple advises people who suffer reactions should consult their doctor before putting the watch back on. First Derm’s dermatology expert Dr Dennis Porto explained that allergic contact dermatitis ...

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