Why do diamonds need holes to breathe?

Casimer Kuvalis asked a question: Why do diamonds need holes to breathe?
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Naturally, people assume that the holes are there to allow the diamonds air to, well, breathe? But the holes are actually there to make it easy to clean the diamonds, and to make the diamonds easier to set without accidentally chipping the Culet (pointy tip of the diamond).

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Often holes are Cut out underneath Diamonds in Mountings or Rings (see image above). So naturally, people assume that the Holes are there to allow the Diamonds Air. But the Holes are really there to make it Easy to Clean the Diamonds, and to make the Diamonds Easier to Set without Accidentally Chipping the Culet (Pointy Tip of the Diamond).

This is a myth, usually propagated by untrained, uneducated jewelry sales people & consumers who have been told this foolishness. It usually goes something like this..."there is a hole in the bottom of the ring allowing more light to get in and al...

When a jeweler talks about a diamond needing to breathe, he is referring to the light needed to sparkle. If the diamond is too covered up, it has no air and will not sparkle. Diamonds don’t always have holes and cz’s are not always covered up. Each diamond or cz maybe different.

'Breathing holes' isn't a common term used by jewelers who set precious stones in metal to make jewelery. If, however, you mean openings in the setting that provide the stone access to available ...

Is this word even diamond terminology?) Thanks! Hi Heather, Cleaning, breathing, potato, patato. Jewelers make the holes for two reasons: 1) to allow light or cleaning material to have access to the stone. And 2) to make more money.

They allow your Finger to Breathe! (NOT the Diamonds!) It allows your Sweat to Evaporate through those Holes so your Finger won’t get Irritated. Without them, your finger would probably Break out in a Rash due to Moisture build up. Holes (NOT Ho’s) are good! But not all Rings have holes underneath the stones. Not all Rings need them!

actually yes. if the diamond is in a necklace or some other type of jewelery there will be holes at the bottom of the jewelery so that germs and things dont get caught in the rock because if they do it will look very dirty. If it is fake there will be a backing to it.

Position the stone close to your mouth and breathe onto the flat surface of the diamond. Imagine you are breathing into a mirror to make it foggy. Diamonds immediately dispense heat, so instead of remaining cloudy, the diamond would become instantly transparent. Try this same test on cubic zirconia.

(However, I wouldn't recommend you base your decisions purely off of this test.) A synthetic stone will not be able to absorb heat, and so, by simply breathing on a diamond you may be able to get a hint of whether it is real or not. A real diamond will fog (but will immediately clear up) whereas a fake diamond should not be affected at all. 13.

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