Why do rappers love jewelry?

Mariela Toy asked a question: Why do rappers love jewelry?
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It's a symbol of their attitude, their achievement and their hard work. One of the good things of wearing these golden chains is that your wealth will not be exposed. It is a way to express joy and display during the long time.

Many hip-hop musicians like to promote “being oneself”. The richness of the gold chain matches human desires and the rapper places the gold chain in the foreground. We like to wear the gold chain and this style seems to become popular around the world.

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Because, according to them, this is an indicator of success, not wealth. It is a way to say that they made efforts, they succeeded and they get their rights. And they somehow showed it to the world. As with any jewelry type, you can find many models, designs, styles, colors, items, and stones in hip-hop jewelry.

Street cred. It was with lifestyle to. How do think entertainers act it all about the show. Many bling kings but who else would make a statement with a big clock that huge talking about flavor flav. Look outrageous when snoop dog bring gold plate ...

Rap has always been about struggle in one form or another, while jewelry in rap has always symbolized escaping that struggle. As Meek Mill pointedly called it, jewelry is a “trap trophy.” Which...

From the '80s emcees' love of gaudy gold chains to the '00s rappers' admiration for iced-out bling, an entertainer’s jewelry has always been a symbol of success, riches and even power. As each...

Why Do Rappers Wear Bling Bling? And, not simply in audio-video clips, rappers put on their jewellery in all places they go. Gold chains, diamond-studded bracelets, furs, gold grills on the tooth, serpent-head canes, and so forth. most rappers are certain they are loaded with costly bling when these are out in the community.

With the success of rap music comes a lot of money for rappers. And we all know how they spend it: expensive cars, mansions and, of course, jewelry. Chains are a symbol of status that all famous rappers get. And the more expensive the better. We compiled a list of 10 of the most iconic and expensive hip hop jewelry rappers rocked in the last ...

It's a sign of luxury or affluence. Rappers make enough money to splurge on drugs, alcohol, cars and luxury sneakers/clothing along with jewelry. 58 views

Harriet Scott and David Mills of the Goldsmiths’ Company say that men are looking for more and “higher quality precious pieces… men are spending more on themselves and are increasingly ...

We do not have a clear idea of women’s propensity towards jewelry, but it has been demonstrated throughout history that women love wearing jewelry. Women have a stronger attraction to brilliance than men. Women put great efforts and care into looking beautiful ...

Christians wearing a cross necklace are mostly meanings and represent a belief. In the fashion world, if you wear a cross necklace, then the meaning of the cross necklace is happiness, luck, angel guardian and so on. Its horizontal bar represents love, the vertical bar symbolizes God's anger, and represents punishment!

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