Why do the british always say brilliant?

Ardella McKenzie asked a question: Why do the british always say brilliant?
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👉 When british say brilliant?

It could be for anything large or small, someone could just say let’s go shopping for example, if the idea pleases you, you may reply with, OK BRILLIANT! So it’s expressing feeling pleased and also an expression of agreement in some cases.

👉 Why do british say brilliant?

Colloquially, it just means "wonderful!" or "excellent!", etc: "This grilled cheese sandwich is brilliant!". It has nothing to do with either intelligence or bright light.

👉 What does brilliant mean in british?

brilliant adjective (SHINING) B1 full of light, shining, or bright in colour: The sky was a brilliant, cloudless blue.

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Brits think all Americans say "amazing" because they hear American celebrities say it a lot on their TV screens on chat shows and the like. Celebrities are not representative of the population at large. However Brits all say "brilliant" no matter who they are and that's a fact.

Some people say it is brilliant so people say its notbut we don't really know. Some people say its because its very small and can fly to different places.

Our politeness – no matter how irritated we get, we are always too British to say anything. Kate Middleton and her sister. The Great British Summer (don’t forget the brolly). Driving on the left (the right way to do it). No matter where you are in Britain, you’re never far from a pub. Any excuse for a cup of tea.

6. What we say: “It’s a bit dear.” What Americans hear: “It’s slightly adorable.” When we Brits want to politely say something is too expensive, we might roll out this quaint old expression. Not a good idea if you’re trying to haggle with an American: they’ll take it as a compliment. 7. What we say: “I got off with this fit bird.”

This extremely popular word conveys a feeling of affection or approval on behalf of the speaker towards an object or person, and it’s perhaps best summed up in the phrase, “that’s a lovely cup of tea.”. However, the word is more popular amongst older generations, and even more so amongst older women.

Unless used sarcastically, the British commonly use the word brilliant to mean great or fantastic, whereas Americans —historically —use it describe someone who is gifted or smart. However, in recent years, I have noted that some Americans —perhaps fans of Doctor Who (or Whovians, as we are known) —have taken to using the word in place of awesome , which is arguably America's oft-repeated equivalent.

25 brilliant British English slang words and phrases Posted on 07/03/2018 by EnglishRadar Posted in English vocabulary , Skills: English speaking English is commonly accepted as having a larger vocabulary than most other languages in the world.

Brits might say sorry more often, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more remorseful. “We can use it to express empathy – so I might say ‘sorry about the rain’,” says Battistella.

What Americans Think It Means: All we have to do is find the solution. What The British Really Mean: We’re all gonna die. The British form of introducing dooms day destruction into the discussion. 18. Not Too Bad, Actually. . . What Americans Think It Means: I’m fine. What The British Really Mean: I feel fantastic. 19. Honestly, It Doesn’t Matter.

‘Ace’ – a British slang term that means something that is brilliant or excellent. Can also mean to pass something with flying colors. For example, ‘Jenny is ace at the lab experiments’, or, for the latter definition, ‘I think I aced that exam’. 2. All To Pot

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