Why does my toilet get a ring so fast?

Herman Lind asked a question: Why does my toilet get a ring so fast?
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Toilet bowls develop discolorations for many reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the housekeeping. Basically, the toilet ring is the result of hard water conditions together with water standing in a toilet that sees a lot of use.

Mineral Deposits

Calcium isn't the only mineral found in hard water. There is also a concentration of iron and magnesium dissolved in water. This buildup can make your toilet bowl very difficult to clean after some time passes… The harder the water in your household, the faster the toilet rings will appear.

Toilet bowl rings have several different causes, though they all occur because of the constant shift between wet and dry conditions at the water's surface. Pale brown stains that look like rust can be due to mineral deposits and hard water, while black, orange or green rings and streaks may be mold.

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