Why is my tourmaline breaking?

Ethel Heidenreich asked a question: Why is my tourmaline breaking?
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Generally, black stones such as tourmaline have protective (energy) properties (among other properties), so the crystal breaking suggests that it was protecting against a very negative energy that actually caused a break.


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👉 Watermelon tourmaline: what is watermelon tourmaline?

Watermelon tourmaline is a variety of concentrically color-zoned tourmaline with red interiors and green exteriors and is distinct from longitudinal bi-color or polychrome zonation. All colored Tourmaline gems display pleochroism, meaning their color changes when viewed at different angles.

👉 Invoguejewelry: black tourmaline?

BLACK TOURMALINE Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone that comes in many colors, and since it can't be created in a lab (so only natural Tourmaline is found), it can be very expensive. Black Tourmaline, or "Schorl", is an inexpensive type of genuine Tourmaline---it's a rich black opaque color, and is found in abundance all over the world.

👉 Is elbaite tourmaline?

Elbaite is a colorful member of the tourmaline group of minerals. The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word “turmali,” which applied to different gemstones found in Sri Lanka. Tourmaline gems cover the complete range of the color spectrum, but in exquisite shades unlike those of any other gem material.

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thats exactly what i felt when my crystals break… sometimes the reasoning or person to give it to seems obvious but sometimes its not! this one time i was just showing my beautiful black tourmaline and boom it just broke right in half i wasnt even doing anything to it, so i felt it was a sign. then i happened to met one of their friends who happened to be going through a meltdown and we went to visit her in a crisis center. she wanted to commit suicide. it was my first time meeting her. i ...

The reason your tourmaline broke is probably mechanical. It was probably cracked when you bought it and/or you abused it in your sleep (could you have rolled over onto it?). I don't think it absorbed too much bad energy, though- it was in the Earth, absorbing bad energy, for tens of millions of years before you bought it- unless you bring some seriously bad energy to bed with you ;) .

The only message I think is here is that you need to be more careful with your crystals. If you find you often drop things or bump into things, it can be a sign that you are ungrounded. Perhaps breaking something physical is a message to be more present and centered in your physical body.

Sometimes to make the broken area of a tourmaline look good you must learn to work with various kinds of epoxy resins that have the right refractive index and you must learn to color and opaque them to match the color and transparency of the crystal you are working on.

The vibrational frequency of the crystal may be synchronizing with a frequency in its environment which causes the crystal to crack and/or break. Keep in mind…crystals do not die or stop working just because they’ve cracked or broken. Please continue to work with them. They are still there for you.

It could be the vibration energy of black tourmaline that is making the glass weak and breaking. How about testing out containers of other materials? By: snowwolfie on May 24, 2013

Often times, when a crystal breaks, it has taken the brunt of issues you have worked through and are now ready to release. It has broken on your behalf so that you will not have to experience the break physically; your body has been spared and lovingly cared for by your Highest Spiritual Guides and Angels.

CRYSTALS WHICH BREAK WHILE IN OUR CARE If you live with crystals for long, there will unfortunately come a day when breakage occurs. Either by dropping them to the floor or onto a hard surface, or even as in the case mentioned above, dropping something on them or clanking them against one another.

Black tourmaline develops opposite electric charges at either end of the stone when it is heated, making it a conductor of electricity. While this property is credited by Reiki healers and metaphysical practitioners with clearing blockages of energy in many users, the energy can purportedly be overly stimulating for some wearers.

What To Do With A Broken Crystal. If it’s a clean break or a large crystal, you may have some chunks that are still totally “useable”. In this case, cleanse the useable pieces right away of any negative energy absorbed in the break by burning Palo santo or another air purifying herb. Meditate with the stone in its new form and decide if it holds the same meaning for you or something different now.

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How is tourmaline mined?

Tourmaline gem rough is mined from stream sediments in many parts of the world, often by artisanal miners. It generally occurs as small granules and pebbles that that have been rounded by the abrasion of stream transport. Tourmaline is often one of many different minerals produced from a single mining location.

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Identity help : tourmaline - bulgaria?

Whenever possible I try to collect specimens from a single mine, especially if the mine (or locality) provides many different mineral species. Thus, I have full suites of minerals from Milpillas, Trepca, Bulgaria and Romania. I tend to avoid ‘trophy’ minerals like Tourmalines and Rhodochrosite.

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Is eudialyte pink tourmaline?

One last thing to mention, Eudialyte is not at all well known even by collectors. It perhaps has a lack of appeal in this regards as it may be rare and its not very flashy. However, Rubelite has the opposite effects in terms of the perception of value created due to it being pink tourmaline.

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Is green tourmaline valuable?

Most green tourmalines are strongly pleochroic. Stones that show attractive colors in both directions—such as bright green in one and blue in another—are the most valuable.

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Is maine tourmaline valuable?

Maine tourmaline, due to its scarcity, is considered one of the more valuable and rare varieties of tourmaline. Paraiba tourmaline, a copper bearing variety from Brazil is also a very rare and valuable form fetching prices upwards of $50,000 and more per carat.

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Is tourmaline a birthstone?

Tourmaline is the newer October birthstone. The name comes from the Sinhalese word toramalli, which means “stone with mixed colors,” because it often has multiple colors in one crystal.

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Is tourmaline a euhedral?

Tourmaline is distinguished by its three-sided prisms; no other common mineral has three sides. Prisms faces often have heavy vertical striations that produce a rounded triangular effect. Tourmaline is rarely perfectly euhedral.

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Is tourmaline a hornblende?

Tourmaline is distinguished from biotite and hornblende by the absence of cleavage, the presence of striated prisms, and (for hornblende) parallel extinction. Lighter colored tourmalines can be confused with topaz, apatite or corundum, but can be distinguished by certain optical properties.

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What is blue tourmaline?

Blue Tourmaline evokes the tranquility of deep blue water and gliding well beneath its surface… It is also known as Indicolite, a variation of the original Indigolite, and refers to its deep blue color. Rarer than other Tourmalines, it forms in shades of light to dark blue, some with a tint of turquoise.

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What is liddicoatite tourmaline?

Liddicoatite is a rare member of the tourmaline family. A basic calcium lithium aluminum oxyborosilicate that crystallizes in the hexagonal system. It occurs in granite pegmatites as slender, prismatic crystals with rounded, triangular cross sections and has a range of reddish colors.

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What is tourmaline meaning ?

The word Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese word ‘turmali,’ meaning precious stone of many colors. The word ‘turmali’ also means ‘something small from the Earth.’ Tourmaline Crystal Properties

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What is tourmaline mink?

Tourmaline mink refers to the type of coloring that a mink has. A tourmaline mink has a light colored coat, with beige tones. Tourmaline can also refer to the color or shade of a mink fur that is used for clothing.

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What is tourmaline worth?

Tourmaline Prices The most expensive variety of Tourmaline – the beautiful, rare Paraiba Tourmaline can fetch $10,000 per carat and upwards depending on size and color saturation whilst smaller yellows may only command $50 per carat.

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Which tourmaline is best?

Bright, pure tones of red, blue and green are generally the most valued, but the electric vivid green to blue shades of copper-bearing tourmaline are so exceptional that they are in a class by themselves.

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Can i wear tourmaline everyday?

Can tourmaline jewelry be worn every day? With a rating between 7 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, tourmaline jewelry can be worn every day, but with caution… Earrings and pendants are always safe options if you want to wear tourmaline jewelry every day.

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Can you wear black tourmaline?

And Black Tourmaline will stop that from happening to you. It means if this stone is heated up (think energy-wise here: it will “heat up” and react to an incoming energy) a positive charge develops at one end. There is a negative and positive to all tourmaline. Also know, how do you wear tourmaline? To protect yourself from negative energy, wear black tourmaline on your left side. It's your most sensitive side and deals with the change you want to make from the inside.

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How do you get tourmaline?

  1. Color. In general, darker toned tourmaline that appears black is priced lower than brightly colored material…
  2. Clarity. Inclusions are common in tourmaline, because liquid inclusions and crystals can get trapped during formation…
  3. Cut…
  4. Carat Weight.

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How is tourmaline used medicinally?

Tourmaline is used in making of rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces; the uncut tourmaline can be worn as a chunky jewelry for a more natural look. Tourmaline has an interesting property of electricity conduction when heated. It is piezoelectric and is capable of holding an electric charge once heated and allowed to cool.

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How much does tourmaline cost?

Nice stones can cost around $125 per carat. The medium dark peach-pink tourmaline is called "sunset" and costs around $65 per carat. There are numbers of other color combinations available. Brought to you by leaf.tv

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How to clean tourmaline jewelry?

Warm, soapy water is the best method for cleaning tourmaline. The use of ultrasonic and steam cleaners is not recommended.

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Is black tourmaline a mineral?

Schorl is best known as "Black Tourmaline". It may be highly lustrous and form in beautiful crystals, and is one of the most aesthetic black minerals known… It may form in tiny dense needles within a Quartz crystal where it is known as Tourmalinated Quartz.

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Is tourmaline a good investment?

Is Tourmaline a good investment stone? Tourmaline has great beauty and is in high demand so if you can buy high quality at a good price it has potential as an investment. Look for new discoveries that for a short period are often seen at lower prices due to large supply.

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