Why is pink tourmaline so expensive?

Rowland Herzog asked a question: Why is pink tourmaline so expensive?
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The price and value of pink tourmaline varies according to quality. The chief determinants of value are color, clarity, cut and size. While color is usually a matter of personal preference, the more saturated and brighter pinks tend to be the most valuable.


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👉 Is eudialyte pink tourmaline?

One last thing to mention, Eudialyte is not at all well known even by collectors. It perhaps has a lack of appeal in this regards as it may be rare and its not very flashy. However, Rubelite has the opposite effects in terms of the perception of value created due to it being pink tourmaline.

👉 Is tourmaline an expensive gem?

Tourmaline Prices

The most expensive variety of Tourmaline – the beautiful, rare Paraiba Tourmaline can fetch $10,000 per carat and upwards depending on size and color saturation whilst smaller yellows may only command $50 per carat. The spectrum of prices is as wide as the color range in this amazing gem type.

👉 Is pink tourmaline a precious stone?

The word 'tourmaline' comes from the ancient Sinhalese word turmali, which means 'a mixed colour precious stone'. The pink coloured gem is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, and Afghanistan.

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Now it’s being offered to one lucky buyer for the jaw-dropping price of $1.2 million. “It’s an iconic piece, and one of the finest to come out of the Pederneira Mine,” says Dennis Tanjeloff, CEO and president of Astro Gallery of Gems, the Manhattan dealer offering the rare rock.

Most of the tourmalines used as gemstones are the lithium-rich stones known as Elbaite. They can occur in almost any color, especially blue, green, red, yellow and pink. Prices for fine tourmaline also exhibit a wide range. The rarest and most expensive tourmaline is the paraiba variety -- a neon-like blue or green that is colored by traces of copper.

This 3.28-carat Paraíba tourmaline's vivid violetish blue hue rivals the finest sapphires. Because of this tourmaline's rarity, its per-carat price is also likely to rival the price of fine sapphire. Color One of tourmaline’s most sought-after and generally available colors is the pink/red variety known in the trade as rubellite.

Such is the case of the Paraíba tourmaline, which is considered one of the most expensive gems in the world. Tourmaline belongs to a group of minerals of class VIII, known as silicates. Its name comes from the Sinhalese word “touramalli”, which means, stones of mixed colors, such denomination was mainly applied to stones like zircons.

It is believed that the conquistadors in Brazil were the first ones to discover Tourmaline. Why is watermelon Tourmaline so expensive? Rarity and high demand make this unique gem so valuable. Few gems have such a distinct character. Watermelon in the trade are the slices that look like a watermelon slice with a green rind and pink center.

They can occur in practically any color, especially blue, green, red, yellow and pink. Prices for fine tourmaline exhibit a wide range of variations. The rarest and most expensive tourmaline is the pariaba variety -- a neon-like blue or green that is colored by traces of copper which makes it seem iridescent.

Other common tourmaline colors that are not particularly expensive include yellow-green, brown and orange. Specimens with a particularly intense color and good clarity will tend to be priced higher. Pink tourmaline usually commands a high price, especially the hot pink.

Choose from a wide variety of pink tourmaline gemstones, which include individual gems, matched pairs and batches of pink tourmaline combined. This gem despite not being excessively expensive, is your family is the most valued for its extensive properties in an environment that everyone wants to improve or maintain.

Pricing of gems is not rational. It has to do with market demand [as driven by marketing] and rarity. Neither tourmaline nor garnet are particularly rare compared to other gem stones that are in demand. Tourmaline has been heavily marketed over the last 20+ years and garnet has not.

Paraiba tourmaline is the rarest and most expensive tourmaline. Paraiba tourmaline comes in a variety of colors in the blue to green ranges of extraordinary vividness.

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Other than ebay or amazon where can someone purchase a pink tourmaline ring online?

Pink tourmaline rings can be purchased at Gemvara, Allurez or Ross and Simons. GemAffair is another place to purchase a pink tourmaline ring. Etsy is another place to look for a personalized ring.

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Invoguejewelry: black tourmaline?

BLACK TOURMALINE Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone that comes in many colors, and since it can't be created in a lab (so only natural Tourmaline is found), it can be very expensive. Black Tourmaline, or "Schorl", is an inexpensive type of genuine Tourmaline---it's a rich black opaque color, and is found in abundance all over the world.

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Is elbaite tourmaline?

Elbaite is a colorful member of the tourmaline group of minerals. The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word “turmali,” which applied to different gemstones found in Sri Lanka. Tourmaline gems cover the complete range of the color spectrum, but in exquisite shades unlike those of any other gem material.

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Is tourmaline rare?

Rare Rubellite Tourmaline Gem Tourmaline is found in many places in the world and it is one of the few gemstones for which the USA is famous. The first American discoveries were made in 1822 in the state of Maine. California also became a large producer of tourmaline in the early 1900s.

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Taken by tourmaline?

Taken By Tourmaline? 1. If you have a tourmaline stone and want to get it cut down to make a custom cut ring, be sure to take your ring to a... 2. Tourmaline a versatile stone that can be purchased in numerous cuts and accents a wide array of bands – shop around... 3. When buying a used or antique ...

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What is tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a group of gemstones. It occurs in almost every color. Besides being found in many different colors and shades, tourmaline may have more than one color in the same piece. The best known varieties of tourmaline are green tourmaline, pink tourmaline, and blue tourmaline. Tourmaline is very durable and very well suited for jewelry.

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Is a tourmaline quartz the same as tourmaline gemstone?

Tourmaline often occurs in long thin needles densely included inside Quartz. Such material is known as Tourmalinated Quartz. Tourmalinated quartz is carved into valuable ornamental objects and figures.

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Are pink diamonds naturally pink?

Yes, if they are natural diamonds. Diamonds can be treated or enhanced to 'bring out' a colour, so a faint pink diamond could be treated to enhance the colour and become a more intense pink. Enhanced diamonds are of a lesser value than naturally coloured diamonds. Today, most natural pink diamonds are produced from the Argyle mines in Australia, and are pink based on "...low levels of nitrogen impurities, their colour resulting instead from structural defects of the crystal lattice," according to Wikipedia.

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What makes pink diamonds pink?

From Wikipedia:" Type IIa diamond can be colored pink, red, or brown due to structural anomalies arising through plastic deformation during crystal growth. These diamonds are rare (1.8% of gem diamonds), but constitute a large percentage of Australian production."

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Black tourmaline not working?

Black Tourmaline Not Working? Despite all this, Black Tourmaline is not ideal for everyone. We are all different and there is no one-size-fits-all in modern-day crystal healing.For some, this stone is just not the best for them or their situation.

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Can tourmaline get wet?

Tourmaline will not completely dissolve in water like selenite. It is not a soft stone and is composed of minerals that can withstand water contact for billions of years… Some people have reported that their tourmaline has cracked or chipped away in places after being submerged in water for too long.

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Does tourmaline cure diseases?

Because of its numerous abilities to help treat the mind, watermelon tourmaline is a popular stone for alleviating the effects of hyperactivity, multiple personality diseases and paranoia. Important

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Does tourmaline scratch easily?

Tourmaline Properties

First, Tourmaline sits moderately high on its level of durability. On the hardness scale, Tourmaline ranges from 7.0 – 7.5, making it scratch resistant to matters that fall at a lower number than 7.

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How is tourmaline made?

How Is Tourmaline Formed? Tourmaline has a complex and varied chemical formula. Tourmaline has a complex and varied chemical formula that is... Pegmatite. Understanding the volcanic formation of pegmatite is basic to knowing how tourmaline is created, for most... Hypothermal Process. The process by ...

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How is tourmaline mined?

Tourmaline gem rough is mined from stream sediments in many parts of the world, often by artisanal miners. It generally occurs as small granules and pebbles that that have been rounded by the abrasion of stream transport. Tourmaline is often one of many different minerals produced from a single mining location.

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Identity help : tourmaline - bulgaria?

Whenever possible I try to collect specimens from a single mine, especially if the mine (or locality) provides many different mineral species. Thus, I have full suites of minerals from Milpillas, Trepca, Bulgaria and Romania. I tend to avoid ‘trophy’ minerals like Tourmalines and Rhodochrosite.

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Is green tourmaline valuable?

Most green tourmalines are strongly pleochroic. Stones that show attractive colors in both directions—such as bright green in one and blue in another—are the most valuable.

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Is maine tourmaline valuable?

Maine tourmaline, due to its scarcity, is considered one of the more valuable and rare varieties of tourmaline. Paraiba tourmaline, a copper bearing variety from Brazil is also a very rare and valuable form fetching prices upwards of $50,000 and more per carat.

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Is tourmaline a birthstone?

Tourmaline is the newer October birthstone. The name comes from the Sinhalese word toramalli, which means “stone with mixed colors,” because it often has multiple colors in one crystal.

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Is tourmaline a euhedral?

Tourmaline is distinguished by its three-sided prisms; no other common mineral has three sides. Prisms faces often have heavy vertical striations that produce a rounded triangular effect. Tourmaline is rarely perfectly euhedral.

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Is tourmaline a hornblende?

Tourmaline is distinguished from biotite and hornblende by the absence of cleavage, the presence of striated prisms, and (for hornblende) parallel extinction. Lighter colored tourmalines can be confused with topaz, apatite or corundum, but can be distinguished by certain optical properties.

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What is blue tourmaline?

Blue Tourmaline evokes the tranquility of deep blue water and gliding well beneath its surface… It is also known as Indicolite, a variation of the original Indigolite, and refers to its deep blue color. Rarer than other Tourmalines, it forms in shades of light to dark blue, some with a tint of turquoise.

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What is liddicoatite tourmaline?

Liddicoatite is a rare member of the tourmaline family. A basic calcium lithium aluminum oxyborosilicate that crystallizes in the hexagonal system. It occurs in granite pegmatites as slender, prismatic crystals with rounded, triangular cross sections and has a range of reddish colors.

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What is tourmaline meaning ?

The word Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese word ‘turmali,’ meaning precious stone of many colors. The word ‘turmali’ also means ‘something small from the Earth.’ Tourmaline Crystal Properties

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What is tourmaline mink?

Tourmaline mink refers to the type of coloring that a mink has. A tourmaline mink has a light colored coat, with beige tones. Tourmaline can also refer to the color or shade of a mink fur that is used for clothing.

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