Why was hitler so brilliant?

Rico Daniel asked a question: Why was hitler so brilliant?
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You cannot remove from Hitler his genocidal hatred of the untermensch and still have Hitler. So the only possible answer to the question is sadistic dictator, unless you are a nazi apologist or ...

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Hitler had a brilliant mind. He brought Germany out of post-war depression and create jobs, comradere, and a better economy, yet he was very evil. He used his power, coersion, and manipulation to convince Germans to committ unthinkable atrocites against millions of innocent people.

Yes, as an orator and leader Hitler was one of the most skilled planners and speakers that lived during his time. What made that true was Hitler's ability to influence others while almost...

Save up to 50% on a BBC History Magazine or BBC History Revealed subscription. Adolf Hitler was far more than the frenzied madman of popular perception, argues Laurence Rees. Here was a charismatic politician, brilliant at articulating the fears and desires of the people. This competition is now closed.

Hitler's rhetoric found a German audience after the onset of the global Great Depression. "People were most willing to follow him, because he seemed to have the right answers" during economic ...

Hitler was a great leader,greatest orator,best example of humankind.He was vegitarian.The knowledge we gained about Hitler in textbooks was false and have a depth lie about hitler.Hitler spent his entire life for human beings.He wanted to destroy boundry between different religion of people.In Hitler\’s government there were about 150000jews forces including some jews commander .If you want to know more about Hitler,please watch \’the story never told about Adolf Hitler\’

Hitler was probably the hero of the second world war and the 21st century. A man of ethical courage, a man of spiritual perception and good intent. A spiritual soul who cared – cared about all life forms, all cultures, about goodness and Light and ultimately about Truth. Because he was one of the good guys.

In the end, Dr. Redlich concludes that ''Hitler's crimes and errors were not caused by illness.''. Hitler scholars who have reviewed the new book said they were impressed with the scope and detail ...

In Kotkin’s view, “the image of a wily Stalin brilliantly keeping his options open, to extract maximum advantage, is belied by the fact that neither Hitler nor Chamberlain proved at all...

The two often go hand in hand. Hitler was, without a doubt, a very intelligent man. He knew how to control the masses through emotion and fear mongering, he knew how to run an efficient killing machine and he knew how to manipulate people's perceptions, both of him and of others. This requires intelligence.

Many of the most brilliant were Jews and fled Hitler. Others fled as well. The country with the highest proportion of brilliant scientists at the time was almost certainly Hungary; there are various reasons why - the school system certainly, along with a pluralistic elitism. Many of those Hungarians wound up in the USA.

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