Will christie use her diamond power of veto on 'big brother'?

Uriah Runte asked a question: Will christie use her diamond power of veto on 'big brother'?
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👉 Can christie still use the diamond power of veto?

Although Christie technically has until the eviction ceremony to use the power, she told Michie she would "100 percent" use the power on him. She is still an integral part of what is left of the ...

👉 What is the diamond power of veto on big brother?

The Power of Veto allows the owner to remove one of the Nominations from the Nomination Block. The Power of Veto also guarantees the holder safety should one of the nominees be removed, unless he or she is the only possible replacement nominee. The Head of Household chooses a new nomination.

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👉 Revive diamond power of veto?

The diamond power of veto allowed the person who won the power of veto to not only remove a player or themselves of the block, but also had the power to choose the replacement nominee instead of the HOH.

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As long as she is on board with Michie’s plan, then she will use her Diamond Power of Veto to save Michie, get Nick on the block, and vote him out of the house.

Christie's Big Brother power could be a game-changer for several houseguests. Called the Panic Power, Christie basically has a Diamond Power of Veto.

Instead, on the week in which Christie wants to use it, she can turn the regular Power of Veto for that week into the Diamond Power of Veto. Let’s say, for example, that Tommy wins the Veto and wants to remove Holly from the block. He can do that and, beyond that, he will get to name the replacement nominee. For some other Big Brother 21 updates in ...

With the Panic Power, Christie has the ability to change a regular Golden Power of Veto into a Diamond Power of Veto. It increases how valuable a Veto is in that given week. Get our Big Brother ...

It can be turned into a Diamond Power of Veto, but the twist is that she wouldn’t necessarily be in control of it. When she is presented with the opportunity to use her power, Christie could create a very exciting Very Ceremony. Christie’s Big Brother power rules. With her secret power, Christie Murphy can save a nominee from the block and give the POV winner the ability to name a replacement.

The 4 Times Big Brother U.S. Expelled Houseguests. My gut -- for whatever that's worth -- says Christie will not use her power. She'll roll the dice and then cry but make excuses to her crew if ...

Christie Murphy won the Panic Power. It allows her to upgrade someone’s Golden Power of Veto into a Diamond Power of Veto. The Panic Power was unleashed on the Big Brother 21 house on Sunday ...

Christie is currently the houseguest who holds the Diamond Power of Veto in season 21 of Big Brother. She won the Panic Power competition in Whacktivity after Ovi left without having the chance to...

Christie didn’t use her Diamond Power, and Cliff thinks that Christie would use it on him next week if he gets put up on the block.

The Silver Power of Veto, used in Big Brother 3 (US), allowed the winner to remove one nominee off the Nomination Block if he or she so desired. However, the winner of the Silver Power of Veto could not remove him or herself off the Nomination Block. If the Veto were used, the HOH would select the replacement nominee.

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