Will diamond tetras be nippy toward angelfish?

Blanche Ratke asked a question: Will diamond tetras be nippy toward angelfish?
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Like JI'm said, most tetras are okay with angelfish. You just need to stay away from those that are small enough for them to eat or those that are nippy like serpaes.


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Diamond Tetras are a peaceful shoaling fish that visually improves as it matures. These fish can tolerate harder water, but should only be kept in soft to medium water conditions over a long time.

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I want to wait a bit before adding more fish, though. Will diamonds be suitable, or will they be nippy even in a group this size? I was also looking at pristella tetras but AqAdvisor lists them as too nippy for angels. Tank is 37 gallon, and will be considered heavily planted once my crypts and stems grow up a bit more.

Neon tetras are tiny fish. Due to their small size, they can be easily eaten by angelfish. The angelfish may not chase or hunt the tetras. However, if they come across a neon tetra, they will not hesitate to gobble it up. You can reduce the likelihood of angelfish eating your neon tetras by planting bushy live plants.

Other tetra species which may be able to live with Angelfish include the Rummy Nose tetra, the Blind Cave tetra, the Head and Tail Light tetra, and the Silvertip tetra. The cardinal tetra and neon tetra do have to compliment personalities for living with Angelfish, but they are small enough to fit in Angelfishes’ mouths which risks them being eaten.

Angelfish and tetra fish live together, playing with each other, and entertaining themselves. Tetra Fish And Angelfish Belong To The Same Habitat. Angelfish and Tetra fish are tropical fish found in the Amazon Basins of South America, hence the same origin and habitat. You can see angelfish and tetras in soft, slow-moving water in the wild.

I hear good things about Emperor tetras too. The jumbo sized species like Diamonds and Buenos Aires can all be nippy. Especially Buenos Aires. But remember that the greater the school, the less nipping there would be. If I were you and you're hellbent on tetras, I'd suggest a school of rummynoses, but they seem smaller than what you want.

Some tetra fishes which are commonly known for being fin nippers like neon tetra, emperor tetra, serpae tetra, and black skirt tetra are briefly listed below: Neon Tetra. Yes, Neon Tetras are fin nippers in most of the cases. Even though they are delicate in nature, they are likely to chase each other.

I notice some people here keep Glowlight tetras with angelfish without problems, yet neon tetras are angelfish food.

Certain other tetras, can be just as nippy as Serpae tetras and will nibble on the Angels and Gouramis. Black Widows (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) and some of the other Hyphessobrycon species fall into this category.

Diamond tetras, Rummy-Nose Tetra Tetras, Black Neon Tetras are some schooling fish options that are temp compatible with angels and should be big enough not to get eaten. Agreed that sterbaI and bronze corys would be a better option for temp compatibility with the angel and GBRs. Jul 13, 2017.

Tetra behavior varies from one species to another. Depending on the circumstance, some of the fish on this list can be quite aggressive. Specifically, skirt tetras, diamond tetras, and silver tip tetras can be very nippy. If you want to keep these fish in a community tank you must keep them in an appropriately sized group.

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