Will the price of platinum go up?

Nickolas Legros asked a question: Will the price of platinum go up?
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Will platinum go up? Investment banks like ABN AMRO and ANZ expect the platinum price to rise into 2022 on growing demand from the automotive industry and a continued supply deficit.

Platinum will rise to USD 1,250/oz by the end of 2021, a 16% upside from Tuesday's price, UBS forecasted. The firm also said palladium could also hit $2,900 per ounce in 2021, roughly 21% above current levels.


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👉 Platinum 101 - will platinum tarnish?

Platinum is hypoallergenic and rarely tarnishes, making it easy for sensitive people to wear. Also, platinums purity makes it one of the strongest, most durable metals in the world. So for the people that wonder does platinum tarnish the answer is seldom. Is platinum similar to white gold?

👉 Will platinum tarnish?

Platinum is hypoallergenic and rarely tarnishes, making it easy for sensitive people to wear. Also, platinums purity makes it one of the strongest, most durable metals in the world. So for the people that wonder does platinum tarnish the answer is seldom.

👉 Why is gold price higher than price of platinum?

Currently, gold price is near $1,664 per ounce, and platinum price is at $1,530 per ounce, i.e. gold is nearly 8.7% more expansive than platinum. The chart above presents the development of gold and platinum during 2011 and 2012 up to date. The chart shows platinum more expansive than gold during most of the year ; this makes sense because ...

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In August 2018, platinum hit its 10-year low at $777.30/t oz, only to hike back to the $1,024.80 mark in January 2020. However, the bullish momentum was short-lived, and for the platinum price, 2020 has proven to be anything but a good year so far.

According to our platinum forecast we expect a bullish breakout early 2021. Platinum’s price ultimately has an upside potential of 80% ($1800/oz), in 2022 or beyond. In 2021 we see price targets of $1,350 and $1,500. That’s an upside potential of 35% to 50%.

After trending higher from the end of October to early January 2021, reaching a four year high, platinum briefly pulled back, dipping to US$1,018 on January 11. Prices have since rebounded and are...

Will Platinum price grow / rise / go up? Yes. The PL price can go up from 1066.500 USD to 1170.960 USD in one year.

Yes, that's historically been the case. And yes, it is rarer, and it is pretty. But if the secular story behind platinum changes (as it has) then that old relationship can change too. The reality is that platinum's real rival now is palladium. The palladium price has rocketed even as platinum's has collapsed. The story behind it is well known now.

A collapse in the gold price to take this average back to normal levels is possible, but I would say a rise in platinum is the more likely. Assuming no change in the gold price, a return to the...

Historically, platinum reached its all-time high of $2,253 per oz in March 2008. Platinum’s record low of $97.70 happened in January 1972. In 2017, the average price for platinum stood at $948 per troy ounce. In 2018, the average platinum price is estimated to be around $1,090. The latest platinum commodity price as of 16 July 2019 hovers ...

New York (CNN Business) Gold prices have soared more than 20% in 2020, and they hit a new record high earlier this year. Silver and palladium are surging, too. But platinum prices are down almost...

Looking at the chart below, we can see that platinum is currently close to the $780 to $820 range. This is the level where platinum has bottomed twice before, once in 2008/2009 and a second time in...

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Dubai: Much to the relief of retailers and buyers alike, gold prices have continued to drop from its exorbitant levels and are now expected to drop even further for the next two months – with buyer demand returning to pre-pandemic levels.

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Will gold price go up?

One should wait for the next three to four days as gold price is expected to make its bottom again." In the current market situation NS Ramaswamy, Head of Commodities at Ventura Securities Ltd is expecting gold price to go up to ₹45,500 per 10 gm at MCX.

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Pure platinum is quite soft and it is alloyed with other metals in order to increase its hardness. Most platinum alloys used for jewelry contain 85%-95% platinum. Common additives are palladium, iridium, ruthenium, cobalt or copper. What additive and ratio is used largely depends on what the goldsmith wants to do with it.

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The appearance of small scratches on Platinum. There is only one way to avoid scratching a Platinum ring. Don’t wear it. This is impractical advice, I know. While most Platinum owners express surprise when their jewellery picks up small marks and scratches, this is part of everyday wear. Scratches, marks and scuffs will start to appear over time. Furthermore, they are more noticeable at first against the pristine look of a brand new ring. Hence, wear gradually builds over time ...

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Does platinum tarnish?

It is known that platinum is one of the noble metals and does not tarnish easily. The metal is hypoallergenic and is an excellent choice for a metal used for making pieces of jewelry. The metal can be extracted to very high purity, making it strong.

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Platinum also trades in over-the-counter and physical markets, but its options-trading volume is much smaller than gold's. Because of the difference in liquidity, platinum is more susceptible to price spikes than gold is.

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Why Platinum. There’s a treasured memory behind every piece of platinum jewelry. We believe life’s most precious moments should be celebrated with jewelry you can cherish for years to come. We’re here to share why platinum is the perfect symbol of commitment, everlasting love and unwavering strength.

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How high will the gold price go?

The forecast for 2021 says that: "According to the consensus outlook from analysts entering today's precious metals price forecast competition from the London Bullion Market Association, the GOLD PRICE will average $1974 per ounce across 2021, a rise of 11.5% from 2020's record-high annual average as mass vaccinations ...

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Regarding its longer-term predictions, silver is expected to trade at $17.50 per ounce in 2020. Panellists at FocusEconomics are less optimistic, prognosing silver to trade at an average price of $15.80 in Q4 of 2019 and $16.60 in Q4 of 2020.

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Gold Price Predictions For Next 5 years (Until 2025) As has been explained above, the movement of gold is primarily upwards, but at a slow pace. That being said, the price of gold could rocket at this important juncture, and have lasting moves for the gold price predictions for next 5 years

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Despite the stellar run in calendar year 2020 (CY20), gold remains an attractive investment for 2021 with prices likely to inch up further in the new year, say analysts. Investors, they believe, will be better off staying put in the yellow metal for now.

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Gold is typically held in investor portfolios as a hedge against inflation… ANZ's gold price prediction puts the precious metal at an average of $1,850 per ounce at the end of June, rising to $2,000 per ounce by the end of September, but then falling back to $1,900 by the end of 2021 and $1,800 by mid-2022.

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The World Bank forecasts prices to average 4% lower in 2021 and decline further in 2022.

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In 2020, gold prices were up by about 27% while silver gained around 50%… In global markets, gold prices finished 25% higher for the year in 2020, logging its biggest annual gain in a decade. Advertisement. After strong gains in 2020, analysts expect the precious metals to see further gains in 2021.

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Will gold price go up in 2021?

They said that gold price is going through consolidation and it may go up to ₹48,500 per 10 gm levels. The bullion experts went on to add that any dip in the precious metal should be seen as an opportunity to buy as gold price may rise up to ₹53,500 per 10 gm levels by the end of 2021.

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According to commodity experts, gold could rise further from current levels… They see the possibility that in next two to three months, gold price at Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) may hit ₹49,000 per 10 gm while in the international markets, the precious metal may go up to $1,800 to 1,820 per ounce levels.

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